Can be delivered on site at a customers premises or virtually



Unlock the full potential of your business with the transformative power of the POLAR Workshop. Based on the proven POLAR PROCESS this workshop is specifically crafted to address the five critical areas that determine the success of any business. Delivered in partnership with the experts at Axiom Two, these workshops can be customized to meet the unique needs of your organization, whether it’s for an individual or a leadership team.

The POLAR workshop is designed to help you stand back and look at your business in a completely objective light. You are then able to assess where your enterprise is with regard to the five key pillars of POSITION, OBJECTIVES, LEADERSHIP, ASSETS, RESILIANCE.

When you attend the POLAR workshop, significant things happen:

  • You learn to think differently about how you make business decisions
  • You take an objective look at where your business is positioned and what is achievable
  • You spot the threats both internal and external that threaten your enterprise
  • You understand how to be a leader that works on the business and not in it
  • You become well placed to survive in a fast-changing future

If you own or manage an established company use the POLAR workshop to ensure that your enterprise survives and then thrives.

If you are thinking of beginning a new company or are running an existing start up use the POLAR workshop to ensure that your business is one of the few to thrive through the early years.

If you are an entrepreneur who has had a failure use the POLAR workshop to help you start again and succeed.

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“There’s no beating about the bush with John, no ambiguity, and certainly no holds barred when asked to express an opinion. It’s something I admire I him”.

Chris Hewitt – CEO of Berkeley Communications Group