Against the Odds: How to Survive then Thrive in Business

There is no safety net. Many start-ups fail within the first five years. One in three small businesses will cease to exist in the next ten years. In the last fifty years over 80% of Fortune 500 companies have disappeared. Simply surviving is difficult. It’s not surprising that most entrepreneurs live under the constant pressure of long hours, stress and risk.

Yet we all know business people for whom the opposite is the case. They don’t work all the time. Their companies have sustainable worth and a long-term future. They understand how to thrive. How do they work less and make more while building such value? How do they survive against the odds? This book will show you.

Read Against the Odds and learn to:


  • Change the way you think to improve your business outcomes forever
  • Ensure that your company will survive and prosper through the early years
  • Work less and stress less while making more money
  • Build long-term value that can be sustained or released when you want
  • Become a successful entrepreneur and make it look easy

“Since we have worked with John our turnover has increased by seventeen times  and profit is up fortyfold”

Chris Jones – CEO Datasym