About John Burness


John is an entrepreneur, investor, author and speaker of some thirty years standing. He has a long and successful track record of leading and developing companies through organic growth, turnaround, merger, acquisition and sales.

As a self taught business leader John understands the importance of entrepreneurialism in shaping society and creating a functioning economy. Despite the lack of acknowledgement that most business people receive he recognises their vital role and believes that governments ignore them at their peril.

Since his intial start up, with some partners operating from the front room of a house, he has built, managed, bought and sold companies in the UK and Europe mainly in the IT sector, as well as conducting several business turnarounds. He has partnered with most of the major IT suppliers including IBM, Microsoft and Oracle, conducting business globally and being involved in high-level business delegations to several countries including Russia, India and China.

John has been coach and mentor to many senior executives as well as founding Axiom Two which he set up specifically to assist entrepreneurs.

In parallel to his business career John has been involved in many adventure expeditions including several super-cold journeys above the Arctic Circle. Each of these experiences, particularly his face-to-face encounter with a Polar Bear whilst in Greenland, has shaped his thinking about his own mindset and that of the entrepreneur.

He has been called “one of our most experienced businesspeople” and as a consequence is able to  speak with a no-nonsense, calm but humorous candour about the trials and tribulations of “real business” and the reality of owning and managing companies. 

“Brace yourself for an era of tremendous opportunity, but also unparalleled challenges in the business world. Despite the ominous predictions, the next few years hold the promise of unmatched growth, but only for those who are prepared.

The reality of being in business is daunting. Many start ups fail within the first five years. One in three businesses will cease to exist in the next ten years. In the last fifty years over 80% of Fortune 500 companies have disappeared. And most people owning and running these companies didn’t see it coming until it was too late.

In this rapidly changing business landscape, with geopolitical tensions at an all-time high, merely surviving will prove to be a feat in itself, putting entrepreneurs and business leaders under even more stress and risk.

But with a change of mindset it is possible to build companies that have sustainable worth and a long-term future. Some entrepreneurs already understand this. They know how to thrive. They don’t work all the hours under the sun and they treat business downturns and changes as an opportunity not a threat.

I have been in both places as an entrepreneur. Experiences I have had at the extremes, both in business and on the ice  taught me to understand how to change my way of thinking to ensure that I thrived.

Lets talk about how you can thrive and learn to:

  • Change the way you think to improve your business outcomes forever
  • Navigate the major threats, both internal and external, that will impact your business
  • Work less, stress less whilst improving performance and profit
  • Create long term value that can be sustained or released as you desire
  • Take pride in contributing to the wellbeing of society”


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“I have worked with John for several years, he is a seasoned  entrepreneur who knows what he is talking about. Would you rather get help from someone who knows it in theory, or someone who has been there and done it?”

Rafael Badziag – Entrepreneur and author of the best selling book The Billion Dollar Secret.


Contact john@johnburness.com