An antidote to the loneliness of leadership available face to face or on-line

John is an experienced coach and mentor and offers a coaching/consulting program to a small number of key clients. These are long terms retainer based relationships which can involve either a non-executive role working with a leadership team or a single one to one relationship.  All parties have the benefit of “being on the journey” together. Obviously capacity restraints make places on this program limited but if you are interested please contact us for a free consultation in the benefits to you or your business.

John also has a great desire to support and help start up entrepreneurs and puts aside time every month to offer a cost-effective coaching/consultancy service to smaller businesses who cannot afford corporate consultancy rates. Often just an hour or so’s conversation can provide a huge benefit to a business person stuck for answers. Clients can arrange ad hoc advice as and when needed. Please contact us for a free consultation in the benefits to you and your business.

Positive Outcomes From Coaching

  • Clarifies business and personal goals
  • An independant view of the business
  • A helicopter view of the business
  • Identifies personal blockers to success
  • Identifies threats to the business
  • Improves performance thus profitability
  • Someone to hold you accountable
  • Provides the perspective of an experienced third party
  • An antidote to loneliness
  • Keeps you positive
  • Develops leaders
  • Brings experience to the party

” John is my go-to when I have business questions I don’t know how to answer. Calm, cool, insightful and incisive, he knows when to listen, when to challenge and when to push you in the right direction. He’s a business coach backed by a wealth of solid, hard-won entrepreneurial experience.”

Joe Gregory – Founder, Rethink Press